Colonial Preschool CURRICULUM

Luke 2:52  |  "And Jesus Grew In Wisdom and In Favor with God and Man." 

Our dedicated and well-trained teachers are eager to provide a stimulating and creative educational environment for your child, all the while surrounding him or her with their love and the love of the Lord. We commit ourselves to a deep concern for the overall intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child within a Christian environment seeking to instill sound Biblical values and virtues.

“And Jesus Grew In Wisdom...”  | Cognitive Development |  

With the uniqueness of each child in mind, we will provide a learning environment that will help children develop a love for school and learning, building an outstanding foundation for Kindergarten.

Our curriculum includes the areas of:

  • Reading Readiness / Phonemic Awareness
  • Mathematical Concepts / Numbers Problem Solving
  • Fine Motor Coordination, Pre-writing and Writing Skills (Handwriting Without Tears curriculum)
  • Science and Nature Concepts and Exploration
  • Art Activities and Creativity
  • Music and Rhythm

"And In Stature..."  | Physical Development |

Each day your child will have the opportunity to move and be physically active in the following ways:

  • Use and develop large and small muscles, and build coordination and strength through play and planned motor activities
  • Develop body control, self and body awareness and left /right brain development through a unique Movement is Fun physical education program developed by an occupational therapist
  • Play on outdoor and indoor large-motor equipment
  • Learn about and practice good health and safety habits
  • Learn how to rest and relax

“And In Favor With God...”  | Spiritual Development |  

In our church-affiliated school, your child will be taught these basic spiritual concepts:

  • God is the creator of the world and He loves each of us in a wonderful way
  • Jesus is God’s son who is alive and is our best friend
  • The Bible is God's Word that tells us about God and Jesus
  • Prayer is talking to God anytime, any place
  • We attend church to worship God
  • Read the Jesus Storybook Bible together each day

 “And Man...” | Social / Emotional Development | 

We will strive to help your child:

  • Understand their own feelings and appreciate the feelings of others
  • Feel they are a unique individual who is loved and accepted
  • Be independent in their self-help skills
  • Accept loving authority and direction
  • Enjoy playing with others in a group
  • Discover a joy for learning
  • Learn to share and take turns
  • Learn to cope with frustrations and fears
  • Learn to make good decisions and choices